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2016-2017 Workshops

Professional Development Opportunities at the MSU Riley Center
* CEU credits are offered for all workshops.*

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The Mississippi State University Riley Center for Education & Performing Arts is committed to delivering high quality performing arts programming while facilitating teacher training and workshops to help area schools incorporate the arts into the classroom. This commitment is only strengthened by our affiliation with Mississippi State University, which educates and trains teachers across the state and region.


A growing body of empirical evidence supports the multidimensional benefit of instruction in, through, and about the arts. The arts can improve student learning across the curriculum, provide an expanded framework for critical thinking, accommodate a wide variety of learning styles, promote diverse multi-cultural perspectives, and foster extended ways of developing self-esteem, and they teach and celebrate self-expression through unique artistic forms.

Research also proves that schools with strong arts programs report better student attendance, increased graduation rates, improved multi-cultural understanding, greater community support, and an invigorated faculty.


National Endowment For The ArtsPartners In EducationOur affiliation with The Kennedy Center, the nation's premier arts education leader, supports our commitment to promote the arts as a tool for learning. Together with Lauderdale County and Meridian Public Schools, the MSU Riley Center is a member of The Kennedy Center's Partners in Education program.Through this partnership, the MSU Riley Center staff and local public school teachers and administrators are participating in a multiyear initiative designed to strategically incorporate the arts into elementary and secondary schools.

The National Endowment for the Arts provided partial funding to support some programming.